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Setting A New Standard...
PRO-1 is passionately dedicated to exploring & developing the highest performing products in the industry. It would not be a wise investment
to manufacture products that offer nothing of distinguishing value, when there are so many competitive brands on the market. We have developed professional alliances & coordinate with manufacturer chemists & technicians virtually on a weekly basis in our efforts to explore, develop & systemize leading edge "wow factor" products. Anyone that uses our PRO-1 Hide Paste will testify that the claim to be the most dominat product in taxidermy is a validated reality. We now have a unique concept "greaseless, residue-free" Brush On Tan & we are excited to
announce that we now offer a new submersible system that sets the bar even higher - two simple solutions & ready to mount!
Note: we are definitively commited to "processes that incorporate traditional tanning philosophy, through the use of new & innovative technology" - we will not jeopardize performance for the sake of marketing  - we are dedicated not only to the highest quality of products,
but the efficiency of application. Anything less is not PRO-1. We provide multiple versions of our tanning processes - so if it's a "Tannery Quality System", "Brush-On", or "All-In-One Solution", we can set you up for standardized success - every single time!

Please See page: New Neutralizing Steps - Perfecting Processes for Superior Results!
TANNING KITS (Now Available - see Tanning Kits pop up page to right of Products page
 Please view "Short-Cuts" page for instructions w/ reduced steps for those that want the simplest of process.

Industry's Premier Hide Paste..."The Most Dominant Product in Taxidermy"

New Technology - EXCITING NEW SUBMERSBILE PROCESS & Residue Free Brush On..."The Ultimate Wet Tans - Changing the Industry!"

Detailed Instructions...Explanation unsurpassed by any other system!

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